Crooked Creek

Additional Information.

Crooked creek is one of the best smallmouth bass creeks around.

Water levels will vary with the seasons/rainfall and I have included a graph below for the water level at Kelly Slab. This graph is refreshed each time you enter this page so you will see current information. I use this graph along with customer input to determine float conditions. Ideal water level is around 10.6-10.8.

Of course with kayaks you need very little water to float and I will give you my recommendation during low water conditions and you can do with it what you will.

As far as high water is concerned, I will reserve the right to not rent my kayaks at water levels I consider too dangerous for my customers and my equipment. This information will be shared with all our customers as they contact us to schedule a float and any customers with floats already scheduled will be contacted to reschedule should the need arise.

Below I have pasted a few links to various commentary on the creek made by other folks and you can research and find many more yourself.

USGS 07055565 Crooked Creek at Harrison, AR

USGS Crooked Creek at Kelly Crossing at Yellville, AR

Brad Wiegmann Outdoors

“Floating Crooked Creek is the ultimate smallmouth fishing trip. I know the word ultimate is overused today; however in this situation, I am not exaggerating. The smallmouths seem to thrive in the crystal clear flowing water. For any angler who has fished Crooked Creek, the description as “blue-ribbon smallmouth bass stream” comes as no surprise.”

Southwest Paddler

…more people fish for smallmouth bass than paddle the creek, but it offers a very scenic, Class I to II ride of about 72.3 miles with public access points ay several road crossings along the way….

Crooked Creek Water Trail

Crooked Creek is known for smallmouth bass fishing but it offers much more for visitors seeking solitude, exploration and a float trip down a river. To help anglers, paddlers and wildlife watchers enjoy this Ozark stream, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission designated the Crooked Creek Water Trail in 2012. Click the link below to download a PDF full of information and a map of Crooked Creek.